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Demo music version: Feel-DJ Rynno ft. Sylvia~Online Music

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Feel Lyrics

Thể hiện (Artist): DJ Rynno ft. Sylvia
Sáng tác (Composer): Đang cập nhật - Unknown

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Feel - DJ Rynno ft. Sylvia

TAGS: Feel

Strofa I
Don't know if I'm ready to set on you
I'm trying to remember the way you look
Spining to the left,spining to the right
Making me so happy to feel so alive.

I....I feel the spirit high
I feel the sun will shine
I feel you in the line

I....I feel you deep inside
I feel you goin' wild
I feel you in my mind.

Strofa II
Starting to forget everything I do
Running from the man standing next to you
Seeing all the things that I could not see
Feeling so amazïng,so heavenly


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