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Demo music version: Vanishing-Syesha Mercado~Online Music

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Vanishing Lyrics

Thể hiện (Artist): Syesha Mercado
Sáng tác (Composer): American Idol 7

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Vanishing - Syesha Mercado

TAGS: Vanishing

If I could recapture
All of the memories
And bring them to life
Surely I would
Hear the distant laughter
Wasn't it you and me
Surviving the night
You're fading out of my sight

You're vanishing
Drifting away
You're vanishing

I was so enraptured
No sensibility
To open my eyes
I misunderstood
Now you're fading faster
It's suddenly hard to see
You're taking the light

Letting the shadows inside


Reaching out into the distance
Searching for spirits of the past
Just a trace of your existence to grasp
And if somehow I could recapture
All of the memories
And bring them to life
Lord knows I would
But now you're fading faster
Getting so hard to see
Taking the light
Letting the darkness inside

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