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Demo music version: He's Unbelievable-Sarah Connor~Online Music

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He's Unbelievable Lyrics

He's Unbelievable
Thể hiện (Artist): Sarah Connor
Sáng tác (Composer): Đang cập nhật - Unknown

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He's Unbelievable - Sarah Connor

TAGS: He's, Unbelievable

Sarah's phone.
Yo, was up baby? Yeah I'm gonna meet him tonight. You know what? He's sooooo unbelievable.

So tonight I'm gonna get him
Got a rendezvous at seven
Faire l'amour toujours, so funny
Wanna spend all of this money
Should I wear a dress and high heels
Should I go out in my blue jeans
He's the boy I met in my dreams
And I tell you girls
He's unbelievable

Verse 1
Sisters, only sometimes
You can meet the kind of boy
Who will always give you joy
Then grab him, never let him
Take him deep into your world
Be aware of their girls
He's so unbelievable
Finally it is me, see me happy
Today I have found him
He's the boy of my dreams
And he's unbelievable


Verse 2
Brothers, only mothers
Have the right to decide
What is wrong or what is right
But you maybe find a baby
Who is no the kind of girl
To fit in your mother's world
He's so unbelievable
Ain't a doubt shout it out that you love her
Only such a tough guy

Could become my only one
Cause he's unbelievable


Sharp dressed you may face your rendezvous
Depressed if he's not good looking too
Maybe he's a lazy kind of lad
Don't forget he could turn into a prince in bed
Be sure that he's standing by your side
Cowards are a waste of time
Get it on if he's always on your mind
But avoid being love-blind
Look out for his sensitivity
Check out if he knows just what it means
To give everything that a lady needs
To prove that his love is pretty real
Some guys only show their sex appeal
And who knows why the lord had made them
If you think he's the right guy fall in love
If he's not keepin' your hands off


Supernatural things will happen
I can call you at eleven
I will tell you every detail
If he's worth it or if he failed

But I know he drives me crazy
And I want to have his baby
So you must excuse me, ladies
Did I tell you that
He's unbelievable

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