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Demo music version: Money In The Bank-Swizz Beatz~Online Music

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Money In The Bank Lyrics

Money In The Bank
Thể hiện (Artist): Swizz Beatz
Publish parts of: Swizz Beatz - Step up 2 OST

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Money In The Bank - Swizz Beatz

TAGS: Money, In, The, Bank


She ain't got no money in the bank
She be walking 'round actin' all stank
Now she at the party looking at me
Boys said she can't get saved by me
I'm lookin at her like (right)
I ain't tryna save that girl
I ain't tryna save that girl
I ain't tryna save that girl
She got the hand open like I pay that girl

[Verse 1]
Now, whatch'all wanna do? (do)
Wanna be ballers, shot callers, brawlers
You be in the back bet she gon' call ya
Come on dawg she want this 'pala [?]
Cris' in the yard in the new finny bags
Anything is good cuz she's baddest as she had
She sitting at the bar and she's lookin' so sad
Something 'bout, uh-uh-uh I wanna ride in your jag
Uh uh uh, I wanna ride to your house
I said "easy chick, I fly to my house"
I, live so far think I look down south
Why don't you take it out my pants and put it in yo (echoes)


[Verse 2:]
I see ya, you got the good shoes on
Good dress on, I mean you got the best song

I'm sitting at the back drankin' Devil Liquor
The Roselito, you know how we do
In the Four Theme house you was fucking with my niggas
My homies say wassup you saying nothing to my niggas
Come on girlfriend why you fronting for my niggas
That dope and that paper is nothing for my niggas
Don't you know we got that money in the... (I repeat)
Don't you know we got that money in the bank
You ain't getting none from me or my bank
Better get you own, g-g-g-get you on face (face)


[Verse 3:]
It's started like "soft and warm"
Don't get started, I'm invited to the new quiet storm
Now was at the end cause she told me she hate me
And then she said "openin up and leave me"
Plus she said all she want is love and affection
Let me be your angel, and I'll be your protection
Took her out bought her all kinds of things
But it wasn't enough, so this is the song I sing
Cause she broke


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