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Demo music version: Run It Back Again-Corbin Bleu~Online Music

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Run It Back Again Lyrics

Run It Back Again
Thể hiện (Artist): Corbin Bleu
Publish parts of: Minutemen OST

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Run It Back Again - Corbin Bleu

TAGS: Run, It, Back, Again

Run It Back Again
Looking back
Pushing with the rewind
Changing every
Wrong or right that you make

Now it's never to late
Theirs a will
Theirs a way
Gotta stay in the game
Go the distance
Cause you live and you learn
That it takes a lot of work
But you win in the end

With persitence

Mix it up get it right
Go for another try
Run it back again
Replay hit rewind
This time you'll do it right
Run it back again
Run it back again

Tick tock time to rock
You now the
Futures up to you
One more time now

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