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Demo music version: Step Up-Samantha Jade~Online Music

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Step Up Lyrics

Step Up
Thể hiện (Artist): Samantha Jade
Publish parts of: Step Up OST

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Step Up - Samantha Jade

TAGS: Step, Up

Boy no matter what we gonna do
You step up a step or two
If no matter what the haters say
no matters you are my boo
No matter how hard it gets
This love have no regrets
As long as we be steppin' on the dance floor
It's me and you

Feel the rythm of the beat thats my heart
You been driving me with an arrow from the start
And you know that it's you love that's got me trapped
Everytime I try to leave you bring me back
So matter of time I find a river
you dry my eyes and brought me back to leather
when I lay next to you I wanna wake up
And when I brake up It's only a makeup


When Seventy places I feel my fee
Lifting from underneath
You grab my hands Put me around and
Right before I fall you catch me and you say
Baby it'll be okay
Just look into my eyes and we will make another Day


And if we don't step up we loose our groove
So refuse don't kno which way to move
hold my hands and let me know that you feel me too
Look in my eyes and tell me baby I love you
You never give up cuz ill be a braler
And we'll make up from any kind or other
If you step up I'll step up
Boy cuz im trying to be with you Forever


Step Step up

Chorus 2

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