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Demo music version: Happy Happy Birthday Baby-Tune Weavers~Online Music

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Happy Happy Birthday Baby Lyrics

Happy Happy Birthday Baby
Thể hiện (Artist): Tune Weavers
Sáng tác (Composer): Đang cập nhật - Unknown

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Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers

TAGS: Happy, Happy, Birthday, Baby

Happy Happy Birthday Baby
Although you're with somebody new
Thought I'd drop a line to say
That I wish this happy day
would find me beside you

Happy Happy Birthday Baby
No I can't call you my baby
Seems like years ago we met
On a day I can't forget
Cause that's when we fell in love

Do you remember the names we had for each other
I was your pretty, you were my baby
How could we say goodbye

Hope I didn't spoil your birthday
I'm not acting like a lady
So I'll close this note to you
With good luck and wishes too
Happy Happy Birthday Baby

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